Everyone knows reducing toxic overload is more important now than any other time in history. 

Our bodies are bombarded with man-made chemicals that they were not designed to eliminate. Many toxins are trapped in our muscle and fat tissue or in various organs.

Toxic overload leads to problems with fatigue, sleep, headaches or migraines, brain fog, exhaustion, stubborn weight gain (or regaining lost weight), constipation or diarrhea, body aches, heartburn, congestion or runny nose, skin issues (acne, eczema or psoriasis), and more as your body desperately tries to expel toxins.

Read that list again and see if you have any of those issues.

How do toxins get into our bodies anyway?

Cleaning Products 

 Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softener

Room Sprays, Plug-ins, and Candles

 Processed Food and Drink

Pharmaceutical Medications

Beauty and Skincare Products

Heavy Metals, Toxins, and Mold

 Air Pollution 

 Smoking and Alcohol 

 Water Contaminants 

 Environmental Contaminants

What can we do?

The good news is that since there are over 2,000 pores in each foot, they are an easy avenue to pull those toxins out.
The bad news is that most foot baths in the United States are simple spa treatments that are only mildly effective.

If they say the water color changes because a certain organ is being detoxed, well, that's biologically impossible (*scam alert*). 

 If you ask how they decalcify the coils, and they say they just clean or bleach them between clients, run away! (*hygiene alert*).

 If you ask how many sessions they do per array and they say, "We never got a new one," then the water will change without feet in it because the array is breaking down. Each one is only good for 20 sessions. Period.

If they don't test your pH levels and their training was merely reading a user's manual or watching a video, how effective is the session going to be? 

Our Canadian foot detox system is different from your average "foot bath from Amazon." It is highly effective but gentle on the body. Our expert Jay received hours of personal training, so you'll get the best results. Your pH levels are checked before and after each session to track how your body responds.

How long is each session?     

Plan on being here an hour. Each session lasts exactly 30 minutes, but we prep your feet and check your body's pH level before, and we need time to carefully wash the toxins off and prep you afterwards. 

How many sessions will I need?

What your body has been exposed to and stored is unique to you. Some people eliminate quickly and some have slugglish detoxification systems that needs more sessions to unclog.

Here are the results from a client who had five sessions (at least 3 days apart) using the same sodium, same water source, same system, and same procedure. The only difference is which toxins her body released that day.

Pretty amazing! 
Another client had swelling in her legs and sent us these photos two hours and fifteen minutes after ONE session. She has ankles! Since the detox naturally continues for three days after each session, she'll continue to see results. 

How much is it?  

Each session is $65. We give a $5 discount if you're brave enough to post a photo of what came out of your feet on social media!
Every session will do your body so much good! But the more you do, the more results you'll have. We have years of toxic buildup clogging our systems. 

With this in mind, we're offering a "Spring into Wellness" Special of "Buy 5 Get 1 Free!" Instead of 6 sessions costing $360, they will only be $300. If you don't want to post a photo, instead of 6 sessions for $390, they will only be $325. 

The client above had 5 sessions, don't you wonder what her 6th (free) session looked like?

The sooner you reduce your toxic overload, the sooner you'll experience the benefits in your body, mind, and emotions.  Better health, better moods, better sleep, better energy - it's attainable.  

How can I set up an appointment?  

It's easy! Call or text Pamela at 704-897-7774 and she will happily get you in for a session as soon as possible. 

Keep scrolling to learn about how to get a body system biofeedback scan and why you want one!

Have you ever wondered what was really going on in your body? I did, so I spent $900 on blood, saliva, and fecal tests. Then I got a scan. The results were the same, but the scan was far less invasive, far less expensive, and gave me information on how I could bring my struggling areas back into alignment.

How does it work?     

You simply put your hand on a hand cradle and it measures your galvanic skin response.

The scanner is not diagnostic. It reveals information about organs, hormones, and body systems to show where your body could use more support. It also scans for things that may be stressing those body systems - like heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, mold, and so on. Then it determines what would best counter those stressors to bring the body back into balance so it can repair, restore, and renew.
The information is completely personal to you. When we go over your reports, we will look for patterns and see how your body systems interconnect. 
This scan empowers you to be proactive. Our medical system waits until there’s a problem and then tries to do something about it, but this helps you head off problems before they develop!
What does it check?
It scans your core body systems: Detoxification, Gastrointestinal, Immune, and Hormone/Endocrine, Lymphatic and Respiratory Systems. Then it scans things that influence those systems like Toxic Stress, Inflammation, Mental/Emotional Stress, Nutrition, Hydration, and Sleep. 

Wow! Can you give me an example?
Sure! Let's take the Gastrointestinal System. It scans for microbiome health stressors. This includes Microbials like bacteria, fungi, mold, parasites, candida, etc.; Organ Function like large intestines, mucosal lining, small intestines, etc.; and stored Toxins that negatively impact the system like glyphosate, heavy metals, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, etc.. 

Then it scans for Balancers that you might need to support whatever is challenging your Gastrointestinal System. Things like probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, essential oils, supplements, services (like massage, dental care, chiropractor), or personal activities (like stretching or using a mini trampoline for lymphatic drainage).
What does it cost? 
How long does it take?
Our licensed professional Jay can complete the scan in about six minutes. The report over 50 pages long, and we take as long as you need to go over it. Some people want a quick summary and Wellness Plan. Others want two hours to go over it, section by section. It costs $100. We will take as long as you need to understand the report and have all your questions answered. We'll email you the report as well as your Wellness Plan.
How can I set up an appointment?  
It's easy! Call or text Pamela at 704-897-7774. 

I want a scan, but I don't live in North Carolina

No problem! We have three remote scanners that we mail all over the USA. It connects to our system, generates the report, and we go over the results by phone or Zoom conference call. Just call or text Pamela at 704-897-7774 and we'll put you on the list for the next available scanner.
Better health, better moods, better sleep, better energy. You’re worth it!

Keep scrolling to read blog posts on tips to reduce toxic overload in daily life!

Reduce Toxic Overload with Laundry

Everyone knows by now how incredibly toxic dryer sheets and fabric softeners are. The chemicals are designed to coat fabric fibers that rub on our skin all day from our clothes and all night from our sheets. These chemicals are small enough to absorb into our bloodstream!

Bad news!

Dryer balls soften clothes without adding toxic chemicals. They reduce dry time to save energy. You can get them anywhere - mine are from Friendsheep Wool (not an affiliate link - I just love them!). Make sure you get 100% organic wool UNSCENTED!!! The vague word "fragrance" contains a list of toxins like carcinogens, hormone-disruptors, allergens, etc.

Tip: If your clothes have static, then you're drying them WAY too long. You can also attach safety pins to reduce static. (I gave my penguins safety pin wings.)

Tip: Add essential oil blends like Purification or Citrus Fresh to the dryer balls with each load. For a stronger scent, add the oils during the last 10 minutes of drying  Hack: YL's Seedlings Baby Wipes make great dryer sheets and smell sooooo good.

Switching to dryer balls is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your health! 

Don't forget to switch to a nontoxic laundry soap like Thieves Laundry Soap. One of the best (and most cost-effective) ways to clean your clothes is to use 1 cup of white vinegar to 1/4 cup of Kosher salt instead of laundry detergent. Your clothes will come out soft, unscented ("clean" has no scent), and remarkably clean. I dare you to just try it once and see for yourself. You'll be shocked. I know we were!

Reduce Toxic Overload in Paint Fumes

Paint fumes can off-gas for weeks or even years! We exhale carbon dioxide, but the other air-borne chemicals go through our bloodstream with the oxygen and our bodies have to find a way to get rid of them. If they can't be processed through our normal detoxification system, they're often stored in fat cells or try to come out through our skin (eczema, psoriasis, acne, dry skin, etc.).

Everyone knows a paint company is going to use the ingredients that give them the most profit, not the ingredients that are safest for our respiratory and immune systems. Reduce toxic overload by buying low-VOC paint. Leave your windows open for weeks after painting so fumes aren't trapped in the house.

We add about 15-20 drops of Purification to each gallon and no one can smell the scent of paint. My skeptical bestie had her nose nearly touching our wall and couldn't smell it! I've heard of people also adding Joy and Stress Away oils to their paint cans.

You can do a search for any of the oils blends or get Purification, Stress Away, Joy, and seven more of the most-used oils in this discounted collection: click here FYI, since the collection is over $100, you'll get the discount price of 24% off...and 24% off all their products for a year!
Text Pamela "I got Everyday Oils" at 704-897-7774, and I'll send you a gift as well as ideas on how to use those oils to your best (and healthiest) advantage.

Happy painting!

Reduce Toxic Household Cleaners Overload!

Most people don't know that published studies found toxic fumes from Comet and Ajax in homes days after use? I know! And since we don't open all the windows when we clean, those toxins accumulate in the air with every use, filling our lungs with those chemicals that disrupt hormone balance, carcinogens (who wants to increase their risk for cancer while cleaning?), respiratory problems like asthma and allergies, and chemicals that make it harder for our immune system to fight off illness.

Since I found that out, I've been using Thieves Household Cleaner. Safe for our respiratory system, safe for our immune system, safe for our pets...yet super powerful as a cleaner! And works for everything from basic cleaning to laundry. You just need 1/2 to 1 capful in a 16-oz spray bottle and add water. It makes about 20 bottles of cleaner.

Super cost effective, because you know I know how to pinch a penny!

I also use Thieves Kitchen and Bath Scrub (it's the best!!!), but if I run out before I have a chance to order more, I make this easy-peasy recipe. It works on tubs, stoves (amazing on glass top), counters, sinks, grout... Smells good, too! 

Tip: Let the Thieves Scrub sit for 10 minutes on tough things like burned food.

Disclaimer: as with any cleaner, spot check first. OK, I never spot check, but I'm supposed to say that. Let me know when you try this. I love hearing the ways people use it! 

If you want to go all-in and get rid of all the toxic cleaners, there's a bundle made just for you. Click here to get everything you need to keep you, your family, and your pets healthy while using powerful cleaners. You get:

  • Thieves® Household Cleaner, plus an amber glass spray bottle to put it in  
  • Thieves® Foaming Hand Soap (smells like Christmas!)
  • Thieves® Laundry Soap (does 64 loads or 128 loads in an HE washer 
  • Thieves® Fruit & Veggie Soak (pesticides were designed to stay on in the rain so you can't rinse them off!)
  • Thieves® Dish Soap (extremely concentrated--only use a tiny amount)
  • Thieves® Kitchen & Bath Scrub (the best)
  • Thieves® essential oil blend, 15 ml (we put it on our wrists every day for immune support)
  • Lemon essential oil, 15 ml (for degreasing and removing sticky stuff)
Text me, Pamela, at 704-897-7774 "I got the Cleaning Bundle" and I'll send you a gift as well as hacks on how to make the concentrates (like the laundry soap and dish soap) last even longer!

We made the switch and our respiratory and immune systems improved.

Reduce Toxic Overload in Your Dish Soap

By now everyone knows conventional dish soap is full of toxic ingredients that are terrible for our respiratory and immune systems. 

Guess what a study from the Organic Consumer Association on major store brand cleaners showed tested at the highest level for the CARCINOGEN 1,4-dioxane?

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap! It texted ten times higher in carcinogens than any other product!! The same Mrs. Meyers I thought at one time was "green" and safe. It's owned by Clorox and filled with toxic chemicals - it's just marketed to APPEAR better without changing the cheap, toxic ingredients.

You clean with it, so who cares? We do! We know it takes less than 30 seconds for chemicals that touch your skin to enter your bloodstream. Not to mention the chemicals you inhale - which is why the popular cleaners say to "ventilate the area when cleaning." Open all your windows when you clean, do you? I don't either.

FYI, 1,4-dioxane is a petrochemical used in cleaning products because it's cheap and cleaning products are NOT regulated by the FDA (not food or drugs). It's a:

⚠️respiratory toxicant
⚠️suspected kidney toxicant
⚠️AND significant groundwater contaminant

So not "clean" or "green."

We're grateful for non-toxic cleaners that work better than Clorox, Lysol, Mrs. Meyers, 7th Generation (we tried them all - and checked labels for truth). Thieves Household Cleaner Concentrate (click here and scroll down) costs less than $1 a bottle for cleaner. No need to wash the dishes while wearing rubber gloves or open windows when cleaning the bathrooms!

We have a Subscription with Young Living, so we get one bottle of their plant-based nontoxic oil-infused Thieves Dish Soap for $14 (the best! Click here and scroll down)! We know YL's stuff is concentrated so you can either exercise self-control and use a tiny bit or you can dilute it to get three bottles and make it bubbly.

This hack drives the price down to just $4.66 per bottle. Whoo hoo!! 


💧 Remove 2/3 soap from bottle and store for later
💧Add 1 tsp baking soda to the remaining 1/3rd 

💧Add a couple of drops of Thieves Household Cleaner as a booster 

💧Fill bottle with distilled or filtered water and shake until it's mixed together 

💧Use as directed
I make this since we have Fire House Rules here: I cook and Jay cleans. And he doesn't understand "you only need a little bit." 

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