Save your empty bottles! Buy a pack of Young Living's roller fitments and make your own roller blends. (Yeah, it took me an hour to find them because "fitment" was not in my vocab!) 

Take the label off of your empty bottle. If it's still sticky from the label, get the goo off with Lemon essential oil neat ("neat" means without a carrier oil.). Use the lid to pop off the plastic orifice reducer. (I show you how to do that halfway through this video.)

Rinse the bottle inside and out with rubbing alcohol (remember, soap won't remove oil residue) Young Living's roller fitments work on both their 5 ml and 15 ml bottles. 

Place the fitment in the opening (it will feel loose) and screw the black lid on until you hear a click. 

Then you know your roller fitment is on all the way! Go to your cart before you forget and add those AromaGlide Fitments!


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