I used to read "Pure and All-Natural" on essential oil bottles and assumed that oil was safe to ingest. That's not the case. My cat eats "pure and all natural" salmon that is not safe for humans to eat!

Young Living's oils are distilled in stainless steel equipment that are kept pristine--something I assumed all companies did until I saw how a popular health store brand (that I'd used in the past) made their oils and was horrified. Definitely NOT food-grade!

Young Living's Seed-to-Seal standards insure that not just the soil is tested, but the air quality and water are also tested. They go far beyond USDA Organic standards!

Even though all of Young Living's essential oils are the same quality, some oils and blends don't need to go through your digestive system. For example, PanAway works best put directly on muscles and joints. Raven works best when inhaled for the sinuses. Stress Away works best when it reaches the limbic system (the emotion center of the brain) through topical use or in the diffuser.

If you wonder which oils will benefit you when taken internally, Young Living makes it easy! They put white labels on those bottles and calls them Vitality oils. They're the exact same thing as the regular labeled oils: Peppermint has the exact same thing in the bottle that's in Peppermint Vitality. Thieves has the exact same thing in the bottle as Thieves Vitality. Only the labels are different.

Keep those empty oil bottles! When drops no longer come out, remove the plastic reducer. There are still 4-6 drops inside. You can toss those drops into the diffuser or fill the bottle with toothpicks, let them stand a few days, and enjoy. 

We love Vitality flavors like Peppermint, Thieves, Orange, and Cinnamon Bark. Some people soak toothpicks in Black Pepper essential oil to help with nicotine cravings.


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