Young Living's Stress Away, Peace & Calming, and Valor are great to calm and soothe us. But they're also great for our furry buddies! You can diffuse these oils or apply them topically. I rub a drop or three between my palms and brush them over our Zoe's ears and down her spine for allllll the relaxation.

Here are some tips:

•  Do not use other brands of essential oils with pets. Even "pure and natural" brands are usually distilled with chemical solvents that are not mentioned on the label. The law also does not require companies to disclose fillers on the label. Protect your pets!

•  Young Living has a line of oils made especially for pets called AnimalScents. One of these blends is T-Away which is for calming the tension in your pet.

•  Let your pet smell the oils during calm, happy moments so they'll associate the scent with feeling safe. You can put a drop near their food bowl or on a favorite toy.

•  Dilute with a carrier oil for tiny dogs or smaller animals.

•  Do NOT apply oils to the fur of cats or they’ll lick it off. Some oils aren't good for them to eat. I use LESS than a drop on my cat's collar and oils appropriate for cats according to the Animal Desk Reference for cats.

•  Never lock an animal in a room with a diffuser – they need to be able to leave if they don’t like the scent or if it's too strong for them.

•  Use the oils 30 minutes before loud noises are expected. Give them affection and let the oils do their job to settle their nerves.

Everyone is different, including pets, so check and see which oils your pet responds to. Zoe, the photo model, responds well to a combo of Peace & Calming and Valor. Teddy, a pup we pet-sit for often, calms instantly with Harmony. Our cat Max loves Stress Away and always goes to where it's diffusing.


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